Pointer to constrained L-systems requested

Pointer to constrained L-systems requested

Post by Damian Conw » Thu, 11 Jun 1992 08:15:55

(Grrrrrr! I hate carbon-based memory.)

Can anyone point me at a reference on the technique of modeling ivy and creepers
growing over structures by adding geometric constraints to an L-system. It's on
the tip of my cortex.

Thanks in advance,



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1. Princeton Graphics System Scanner LS-300F

        My name is Roberto. I'd don't know quite where to post this request, so
here goes.

        A friend of mine gave me a scanner, because he had no software to use
with. The scanner is a "Princeton Graphics System Scanner LS-300F". I've
been trying high and low (not the sweetner) to find some software, but
no success. Princeton Graphics only sells monitors. I E-mailed them to
see if they knew where I could get a copy of the software, but with no
success. The didn't respond.

        Does anyone outthere have any idea where I could get a copy of the
software. Is there any company that specializes on software for
different type of scanners.

I'd appreciate any help possible. It's look great on my desk, I use it
as a fancy cup holder.


Have a nice day

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