3D modelers for UNIX

3D modelers for UNIX

Post by Richard Stoakl » Tue, 04 May 1993 05:31:19

Could someone please post a list of good three-D modelers that will
run on SPARC stations; preferably cheap.  Thanks



3D modelers for UNIX

Post by Jay Garv » Sun, 09 May 1993 14:22:12

>Could someone please post a list of good three-D modelers that will
>run on SPARC stations; preferably cheap.  Thanks


r Jim,
You should take a look at ElectroGIG 3D-GO. It is an excellent program at
a good price.  It runs on Silicon Graphics as well as Sun Workstations.
It has the highest quality and fastest raytracing I have ever seen. It has
a modeler capable of constructive solid geometry and non-uniform rational
B-splines that let you pull and twist objects like silly putty. It has a
Ray Sketcher which does something that no other program that I know of can do
It can raytrace a 3 dimensional scene like an impressionistic painting.
With brush strokes. It of course has raytracer which creates crystalline
reflections of chrome, glass, and the like. It also has a Parametric
raytracer which doesn't have to re-render the entire scene when you
make a change. It knows what needs to be changed and it only needs to
redraw that part, saving you loads of time. It also has a new Sculptor
module that lets you model natural objects like animals, organic shapes,
human forms, blobs, etc. It is called Iso-surface modeling. It actually blends
shapes into other shapes. There is also a texture maker called Map-Factory
which allows you to generate all kinds of marbles, woods, terrains,
fractals, bumps, etc.  All of these items mentioned are also animatable.

It has been written up recently in Computer Graphics World magazine,
AV Video magazine, and Computer Pictures magazine. Walt Disney is
a GIG customer.

I use GIG too and I like it very much. Here's the pertinent info:

To reach ElectroGIG:
Jeroen Loeffen or Michael Donohue
ElectroGIG USA, Inc.
30 East Huron Street Suite 3807
Chicago, IL  60611

Tel: 1-312-573-1515
Fax: 1-312-573-1512

or, in the Netherlands:
Berend Van Santen
Amstel 222
1017 AJ Amsterdam
Tel: (31) 20 6233495
Fax: (31) 20 6226801

Hope this helps...

-Jay Garvin
Tel: 808-591-1278
Fax: 808-591-0094  


1. Free modeler for Windows and Linux/UNIX

Hi !

MagicLight - a free modeler and renderer

I am developing a free modeler/renderer for Windows and Linux/UNIX , it is
still in a pre-alpha stage, but the modeler is already usefull even though a
lot of stuff is still missing, there is also a simple raytracer included.

At the moment it supports box, sphere, pyramid, cylinder/pipe, polygons, 3D
text, nurb curves, nurb surfaces, free form deformations, boolean operations
and then some. Support for animation and other stuff will also be available,
a powerfull scripting language will be included (Python).

Export to povray, rib, VRML and so on will be supported, also
some import functionality will be available (3DS and so on).

MagicLight is based an a flexible plugin concept, all available shapes,
light sources, textures and so on are implemented as
plugins (shared libraries), so that anyone can add new featues to it.

At the moment I am alone on this project and any help with testing or
development are welcome. I need all the help I can get, this is a huge

Take a look if you are interested:
If you have any questions, you can email me at:


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