PD OCR package wanted

PD OCR package wanted

Post by Ton Ten Ka » Sat, 07 Sep 1991 22:35:48

I am not sure if this is the right newsgroup to post this message.
However, I am looking for a public domain package to do some optical
character recognition or may be intelligent character recognition, whatever
is out there. I am working in the field of image processing and pattern
recognition. At present we are tackling a problem with service network
maps with lots of characters in it. Being able to recognize the characters
would be very helpful in interpreting the document. We have done some
experimenting with a neural network for ocr but this was not satisfactory.
so, this is my cry for help! Please, send any ideas, suggestions to my


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resource list, and played with X3D, Xmgf and IRIT, but none of these
are quite what I'm looking for - I can't interactively edit a scene
from the GUI.

Does anyone know of such a package?


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