CIS is killing PNG!

CIS is killing PNG!

Post by John Woo » Thu, 22 Jun 1995 04:00:00

>Man, is Hamrick ever gonna have a field day with THIS!

Well, it's a false story, but that would hardly stop him, would it?

Quote:>Some companies I am in contact with about adding PNG support are now just
>a little bit nervous.  CompuServe's press release claiming the copyright
>on PNG has, to put it bluntly, turned them off.

Excuse me, but you've CLEARLY not read and understood the RFC document
describing the standard for hysterical USENET messages.  You forgot to
claim that there is a TAX on the PNG format, preferrably instituted by
the FCC.

Quote:>I've tried to tell them CIS is lying.
>Time will tell if they believe me or not.

Try contacting Tim Oren at CompuServe, or just hunt around in your news
spool directory (/usr/spool/news/comp/graphics/misc, for example) for his
article explaining the error in the press report.  CIS is *not*, and cannot,
claiming copyright on the PNG format.

1. CIS is killing PNG!

In case anyone missed it, the rest of this discussion is in
Briefly: no cause for panic.  Someone (probably Newsbytes' reporter) got
confused about the difference between copyright on a particular
implementation of PNG and copyright on PNG as such.  CIS quite
legitimately will claim copyright on their toolkit implementing PNG.
They do not own or claim the PNG spec.

                        regards, tom lane
                        organizer, Independent JPEG Group
                        member, PNG development group


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