2/23 8 PM Bay Area ACM/SIGGRAPH: Legal Issues of Computer Graphics

2/23 8 PM Bay Area ACM/SIGGRAPH: Legal Issues of Computer Graphics

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Association for Computing Machinery
Special Interest Group in Computer Graphics

Legal Issues of Computer Graphics

Susan Hubbell Nycum

Ms. Nycum is a partner of the international law firm of Baker and McKenzie
resident in the Palo Alto Office.  She specializes in the legal aspects of high
technology including computers and communications.  Her focus is on
proprietary-rights, licensing technology transfer, governmental regulation,
privacy, computer crime, licensing, litigation and general advice to high
technology companies and organizations using high technology products and
services.  Ms. Nycum is past-chairman of the American Bar Association's section
of Science and Technology, and is currently President of the Computer Law
Association.  She is a member of the Board of Visitors at Stanford Law School
and the board of advisors on high technology computers and law to seven major
United States law schools.  Ms. Nycum has represented the United States at
numerous U.N. and OECD meetings.  She was an invited expert delegate at the
W.I.P.O. meeting on Protection of Software in Canberra, Australia, 1984 and an
invited speaker at TELECOM'83 in Geneva.  She has acted as a consultant on high
technology matters to the governments of Brazil, Canada, Finland, Federal
Republic of Germany, Israel, and Singapore.

Ms. Nycum will speak on the legal issues involving computer graphics.  The focus
will be on proprietary protection including the recent developments in copyright
for screen displays and patents for user interfaces.

Date: February 23, Tuesday (4th Tuesday of the Month)
Time: 8 PM
Location: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), 3333 Coyote Hill Road

Next meeting March 8 (to avoid NCGA conflict (second Tues.)):
Aesthetic Issues: A Panel, SF Arts Institute.


1. Bay Area ACM/SIGGRAPH mtg 10/23

                October Bay Area ACM/SIGGRAPH meeting
                      Tuesday,  October 23, 1990
                              8:00 p.m.  
          McBean Theater at the Exploratorium in San Francisco

                  "Computer Graphics in Education"

                             Jane Veeder
              Director of the Advanced Computer Imaging Center
                   San Francisco State University
       She teaches in the Interdisciplinary Advanced Projects Area using
       Iris workstations with WAVEFRONT software and in a MacIntosh Lab.
       She will talk about teaching Intermediate 2-D animation and
       Introductory 3-D modeling and show examples of her students work.

                           Harold Hedelman
                  Center for Electronic Art - Suite 3D
       He will speak about interactive multi-media and how it is used as
       a educational tool.  He will show an interactive videodisk project
       of his students using Hypercard and a Pioneer 4200 video disk player
       hooked up to a Mac II.

                            Brian Lindow
             National Energy Research Supercomputer Center
                   Lawrence Livermore National Lab
       He will talk about  Scientific Visualization used in the high school
       classroom with the aid of a supercomputer.  He will show student
       projects of simple modelling and  wireframes done on a microcomputer
       with ray tracing performed on the supercomputer.


"We must grasp the bull by the tail, and look the matter squarely in the face!"

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