GIF to Sun

GIF to Sun

Post by Stan Lack » Thu, 25 Jul 1991 05:28:53

Is there a program to display a GIF file on a monochrome sun3?  I'd love
to (A) see some of those eclipse photos, and (B) have one as the suntools
background.  Please use email; I'd hate to waste bandwidth :-)

1. TGA to GIF on SUN/Unix

Hi everyone.

I know this is an age old problem but I have looked around and can,t
seem to find what I want. I am using the POV raytracer on a SUN
SPARCstation and wish to convert its output "data.dis" or "data.tga"
to a file format that I can display on the screen "GIF", "JPEG".

Someone told me that I could use a program called PBMPLUS but I cant
for the life of me find an FTP site where I can get it. Can anyone
out there let me know where I can get this program or something similar
that will also do the job.

Thanks Gary.

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