convert QT to GIF anim?

convert QT to GIF anim?

Post by Thomas Boudie » Tue, 13 Jan 1998 04:00:00

> Is there some easy way to convert QuickTime animations to GIF
> animations?

> I want to grab an animation of a section of my desktop (or of the
> contents of a window) and turn it into a GIF animation.

> `capture' lets me grab the animation, but it can only save as QT
> or SGI-anim.  How do I turn it into a GIF?  Is there, say, some way
> to extract each frame of a QT animation as an RGB or TIFF image?
> From there I could get to GIF...

> Any suggestions appreciated.  (This is on an O2 running 6.3.)

> --
> Jamie Zawinski      about:jwz

  Hello Jamie,

If you have an O2 it should be easy :

Open MediaConvert and then convert your qt movie as a collection of
images, choose GIF format. You should have all your frames saved as a
gif image. Then use gif-merge (search for it on Internet) and then
simply run this command with your set of images, you can also set a
transparent color for your gif animation. Good luck.



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