OCR and Microtech II no Luck!

OCR and Microtech II no Luck!

Post by Captain » Tue, 17 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hi All
I need to use some optical character recognition software and only have
Omnipage Direct 1.0 which I know does not recognise this scanner. But I
have now seen it bundelled in this combination and wonder which has changed
scanner or software? Mine is about one year old.

Can I use this software (or other) with a document save from photoshop?

If some one is using OCR with a scanmaker II please let me know what it is.

Thanks...................................................Phil Captain 3D.


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Will my Microtech Scanmaker 2G (grayscale scanner) work with my PowerMac 7500
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In case you are wondering, my daughter has the scanner at college and the 7500
is at our residence. They will be reunited for the summer.

Thanks for any response.

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