PD Molecular Graphics Package - First Public Release

PD Molecular Graphics Package - First Public Release

Post by RasMol Molecular Graphi » Sat, 19 Jun 1993 20:33:53

                            RasMol 2.1
              Molecular Graphics Visualisation tool.

                           Roger Sayle
                    Biocomputing Research Unit
                     University of Edinburgh
                           June 1993

    This posting is to announce the public release of the RasMol 2.1,
molecular graphics visualisation program. The package has been developed
in the BRU over the last few years, and following the recent collapse of
commercialisation negotiations is now being offered FREE!!  It was claimed
in a recent conference to be the fastest available uniprocessor program
for drawing shadowed spacefilled molecules. On a SparcStation it can shadow
a 10,000 atom protein in less than 10 seconds.

    RasMol is an X Window System tool intended for the visualisation of
proteins and nucleic acids. It reads Brookhaven Protein Databank (PDB)
files and interactively renders them in a variety of formats on either an
8bit or 24bit colour display. The complete source code and user documentation
for both the UNIX/X11 version and the IBM PC/MS Windows 3.1 version may be
obtained by anonymous ftp as RasMol2.tar.Z from ftp.dcs.ed.ac.uk
[] in the directory /pub/rasmol. A compressed version of the
PostScript user reference is also available in the same directory as

    The program is intended for teaching and generating publication
quality images. The program has both a menu system and a full featured
command line interface. Different parts and representations of the
molecule may be coloured or displayed in a number of formats independently.
Currently supported formats include wireframe, ball and stick, backbone
and space filling spheres. The space filling spheres may even be shadowed.
The molecule may be manipulated using scroll bars, the command line or
from a dials box if attached. The resulting image may be saved at any
point in PostScript, GIF, PPM, Sun rasterfile or Microsoft BMP formats.
For more details see the RasMol user reference.

    The current version of the program has been tested on sun3, sun4, hp9000,
sequent and mips (dec,sgi and E&S) machines compiled under both gcc and the
native compiler. The version for Microsoft Windows requires version 7
of the Microsoft Optimizing C Compiler and the SDK. Binaries for the IBM PC
and compatibles will be made available if there is sufficient interest.

    The source code is public domain and available under the terms of the
GNU public license agreement. Any comments, suggestions or questions about


Department of Computer Science     UUCP:  ..!mcsun!uknet!dcs!ros

Edinburgh EH9 3JZ, UK.             Tel:   (+44) 031 650 5163 (direct line)


1. graphtal 1.0 : First public release available

The first public release of graphtal is now available via anonymous
ftp at iamsun.unibe.ch ( and is found as
/Graphics/graphtal-1.0.tar.Z or

graphtal is a L-system interpreter.
The following features are included:

o  D0L-systems,
o  tables of productions,
o  productions with parameters,
o  stochastically applied productions,
o  global and local constants,
o  hull definitions (turtle interpretation with regard to
   these hulls),
o  production parameters may be strings or real values,
o  animations support,
o  turtle interpreter with macros,
o  preview for X11,
o  zBuffer preview and output for rayshade.

What you will need:

- C++ compiler (g++ doesn't work)
- bison and flex (if not available, get graphtal_no_bison_no_flex.tar.Z)
- rayshade 4.0.6 and the URT toolkit (not necessary)

How do you compile graphtal:

- Get the source.
- zcat graphtal.tar.Z | tar xvf -
- cd graphtal
- Edit the Makefile to set the compiler you have.
- make depend
- make
- execute an example:
    graphtal -d x11wire Examples/birchtree.lsys

Supported platforms:

- Sun SparcStations with Sun C++ 2.1, Sun C++ 3.0, AT&T 2.0 and AT&T 3.0
- IBM RS/6000 with AT&T C++ 2.0
- DEC Station with DEC C++ 1.0


In the directory graphtal/Examples some interesting L-systems are
included. The animation scripts will need nawk or gawk in order
to work.

Please send bugs (accompanied by L-systems causing them),
interesting L-systems for inclusion in the release, enhancements,
and suggestions to the author via email.

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