PC picture programs

PC picture programs

Post by Wayne J. Cossha » Tue, 04 Dec 1990 16:08:35

I am seeking comments on IBM PC based software for manipulating
photograph type images obtained using a scanner.  What I want to
be able to do is apply airbrush-like modifications, and cut and
paste multiple images, etc.  It would also be nice to do some
image processing work, but this almost certainly needs a separate
program to the first.

Any comments please on public domain or commercial packages gratefully
accepted.  Please post or mail.

Wayne J. Cosshall
Swinburne Institute of Technology


1. ? How to develop pictures on PC

Hi Everyone.

This is the situation:
During easter vacation I traveled to Italy with a group of 60
other people. We took a lot of pictures, and are now looking
for a way to take orders and distribute the pictures.  My idea
 was to get all the pictures on a CD and give it to a picture-
developing-studio where they could receive orders from any
person who wish to order some of the pictures.

? How can I get all pictures on our web-server as easy as

?  Must I use a scanner to scan in all developed color-pics?
(this takes alot of time I think)

?  Is it possible to develop the pictures directly into the

Any insight on how to do this will be appreciated.
Tom Strom,
MicroDesign ASA, Norway


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