Looking for a 3D graphics development software for SGI

Looking for a 3D graphics development software for SGI

Post by Seyed Majid Noorhossei » Sun, 04 Sep 1994 02:17:18


I am looking for a 3D graphics development software for SGI machines.
I need something that is relatively easy to program. The work that I will
be involved is developing a robot simulator. I should be able to manipulate
objects in the scene using the mouse. I have heard about Inventor and Performer
but I do not know how good they are for this purpose and how easy they are
to use. Any information and suggestions will be appreciated.



1. Seeking 3D Graphics Software Development Position


        My name is David Eberle, not to be confused with David Eberly who
 frequents this group. I am finishing my thesis on rigid body dynamics and
seeking a graphics software engineering position. I will be available at the
end of
March. To see some of my work or download my resume please visit the URLs
at the end of this post. I will be graduating with a Master's in Scientific
Computation from
 Texas A&M University. While this is a mathematics degree, I assure you that
I can code and that my mathematical skills will be an asset.

        Anybody still reading? I apologize to those who insist that this
group be
strictly about discussion of algorithms, but I thought it would provide a
to reach the right people.


Dave Eberle


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