HELP: Looking for Sassoon Primary Type

HELP: Looking for Sassoon Primary Type

Post by Mr. Edwin KwanTo T » Tue, 09 May 1995 04:00:00

Hi all,

I am looking for a font called "Sassoon Primary Type". Could anybody tell me who's selling it and where to buy one ?

Thanks a lot,

Edwin TAM
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1. Need help choosing a primary animation app

I've been using Caligari trueSpace since version 2.0.
Currently I use tS4.3 mainly for GUI graphics design
and the occasional promotional video for our company.
These videos are usually 3D animations about 5-10 minutes
in length. So far it has been mostly mechanical and non-
boned objects, but I'm going to do more character modeling
and animation in addition to mechanics.

I haven't been completely(...) happy with trueSpace's
capabilities when it comes to slightly larger scenes, even
though the interface is very easy to work with.
At the moment I'm looking to move to a more stable platform
as tS5 is still some way into the future...

So, any suggestions?
Maya and SoftImage at least *seem* a bit out of my league
due to their heavy price tags.
Lightwave 6 looks promising, but hasn't surfaced yet.
BTW when is it supposed to be realeased anyway?
3D Studio MAX R3 is out there and looks better than before.
Perhaps you could even get something done without buying all
the plugins available first... Also, I'm used to an all-in-one
UI from tS so the Modeler/Layout separation in LW seems a bit
odd to me.

Here are some things which are important to me:

- Usable straight out of the box, possibly with the addition
  of *free* plugins/scripts.
- Reasonably easy to extend throught scripts etc.
- Decent importing of 3D CAD models, mostly from SolidWorks
- Customizable user interface.
- Speed and stability (ie. no huge slow-downs or crashes) with
  large scenes.
- Fast, 'clean', fluid user interface. Perhaps tS has spoiled me,
  but wading through lots of menus isn't my idea of modeling.
- Good (character) animation tools. Bones, motion curves, morphing.
- Good network and batch rendering capabilities.

I would be *very* thankful for any opinions you have.
I'd like to get a tool which I can stick with.

                Peter M.

Peter Mitts
Software Developer / EG&G Wallac

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