Equipment upgrade, software, etc...

Equipment upgrade, software, etc...

Post by Mura » Thu, 19 May 1994 13:51:03

I am currently looking for ways to utilize the feeble system I'm using.  I have
been using an unregistered version of Neopaint, and the more I play, the more I
want to use other tools, more "serious", namely, I suppose, 3D.  I d/l POV-ray,
and looked through the docs, getting progressively more and more e*d with
all the neato stuff:  texturing, point of view lighting, shading, simple (but
complicated ?) usage.  I was in awe.  
Then, I tried using it.  Don't, if you happen to have a 386 PC with only 2Mb
RAM, no math co-processor, and no money.  
This led me to the conclusion that I need to upgrade, to at least 8Mb (my
computer will only let me upgrade to 4 or 10, so I'm looking at 4x9 simms).  My
monitor is VGA, which is fine, basically, but even for Neopaint, I can't do
what I want without higher res and more colors in hi-res.
Okay, so I've babbled.  Question:

What IBM-PC compatible equipment should I be looking at, before I go browsing
for stuff that I might be able to steal <g>?  

Video:  is Non-interlaced the better choice?
            when looking at the video card, is PCI what to look for?
            are there any main brands I should look for, Diamond Stealth, etc.?
Software:  Is there any software more powerful than Neopaint, software
                     capable of 3D rendering, available for the specs I'm stuck
                  I think POV and POVCAD are flexible enough for what I want to

                     do.  I don't want to animate, as I know that I am NOWHERE
                     near the setup that would take.  For high-quality GIF,
                     etc. pictures, for artistic quality, is there anything
else I
                     should look at that isn't $$$$$$$$?

Okay, so maybe I'm being babyish and asking everyone to coddle me, but I was
looking forward to producing something for WIRED's contest, as I do have the
conceptual equipment (though some might disagree <g> ).  

Anyone who has anything to contribute in the way of advice will get a free car.
 Or, well, at least a fine rendering of one?  I can do a dandy of one at 4x4
resolution in white.  I'm going to play with my sticks now.

Thanks to anyone ahead of time.



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Jim Gizzi

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