Vectors don't update after changes

Vectors don't update after changes

Post by Jim Johns » Wed, 20 Nov 2002 03:37:42

Hey all:

Quick background: I've been using various version of PSP for several years to
do user interface graphics for music programs.

The past few days I've noticed something very strange. If I make a change to a
vector graphic - say, the font size or location of a text object - the image
does not immediately update itself; I have to play some games to get it to
display properly. For example, if I change "Yowsha" to "Yowsah", the original
text will still be displayed after I leave the text edit dialog.. until I do
something stupid like reselecting the text, opening the edit dialog, and then
clicking Cancel.. or saving and reopening the file.

Major annoyance. Is there a solution?

Jim Johnson


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