Help: 3D FEA Vector Field Data

Help: 3D FEA Vector Field Data

Post by Shyh-Kuang Ue » Fri, 23 Dec 1994 14:08:48

Hello everyone,

  I need 3D vector field data generated by Finite Element Method.

1. The meshes should be linear tetrahedra.
2. The number of cells should between 1,000 ~ 100,000.

  Could anybody here tell me where I can get the data ?

Thank you very much !


1. adjacency graph for FEA data, help needed

  When visualizing Finite Element Analysis(FEA) data, the connectivities
among data cells are important information.

In the paper:
"Visibility Ordering Meshed Polyhedra" in ACM Tran. on Graphics, vol. 11
No. 2, April 1992, pp103-126, by Dr. Peter Williams,
the autor constructed an adjacency graph to represent the connectivities:

A data cell is represented as a vertex in the graph. If two cells
are adjacent, there is an edge added between their corresponding

But he didn't say how to construct it efficiently.

My question is:
1. Are there any good methods to construct adjacency graphs ?
2. How fast( time complexity) ?
3. Where can we get the reference(s) ?

Any help will be appreciated.

S.K. Ueng

  Base on my personal experience, this preprocessing step is slow,
especially when the data set is huge.

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