Bartel's basis evaluation function

Bartel's basis evaluation function

Post by Jeffry Nimero » Thu, 10 May 1990 09:03:30

Hello all,
        A little while ago, Richard Bartels posted an algorithm that calculated
the deBoor-Cox recurrance relation, and gave a method for calculating b-spline
curves based on the algorithm.  I have had some problems generalizing the
use of the evaluation algorithm to include NURBS patches.  If someone out there
can flip my light switch (so to speak), I would be most appreciative.  As of
today's date, I am calculating b-splines the old fashioned way.  I call
deBoor-Cox recursively and compute a summation.  This is tediously slow.  I am
just starting with curves and surfaces, and also would like to know if people
have a preference as to the "best" book for curve and surface basics.  I
have Farin, and Bartels, and can't decide which one to start to churn through.

-Jeff Nimeroff


Bartel's basis evaluation function

Post by Spencer W. Thom » Sun, 13 May 1990 01:40:52

I like Farin's approach, as I think it gives a better intuitive
understanding of the form.  But, it takes him a while to get to
B-splines, and you have to be able to follow his math.



1. Basis matrix for Kochanek-Bartels spline.

Hi there spline gurus,
   Does anybody have a clue what the Basis matrix for the Kochanek-Bartels
spline is?
I've been trying to figure it out for ages. But to no avail.
Foley and Van Dam leave the solution as a problem in the back of the
Cubic curves chapter.  I am finding it a little difficult to figure it out.

If you e-mail me, I'll prepare all the results I have collected on cubic
splines, and mail them straight back to this group.




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