ImageWriter dithered color?

ImageWriter dithered color?

Post by chris matz » Wed, 13 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone remember the name of the application which allows the ImageWriter II
to do dithered color?

Back when I owned only a plain SE, someone told me about an application which
the ImageWriter II to produce dithered color. I had so many impasses with the SE
trying to get it to direct the ImageWriter II to print in color that I abandoned
the whole idea.

Now I have a Quadra 660AV with the full 68040 processor. System 7.5.1, also have
7.1 on CDROM.

 My goal is to do small check prints from AutoCAD Rel. 12 for Mac  in some kind
of rendition of 256 colors via a halftoning technique employing the color ribbon
in my ImageWriter II. I've already got the ImageWriter II to output solid color
entities (line,circle,text) in an AutoCAD drawing.

This  Quadra 660 AV has me smiling from ear to ear right now.



ImageWriter dithered color?

Post by Jeremy J. Reichma » Wed, 13 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Microspot has (or had at one time) a color driver for the ImageWriter
II. I have it and used to use it before I got my HP 560c; it was
great! The driver was called "MacPalette II" and it came in two
different versions - one for serial, one for AppleTalk (I wish the
package had come with both, because I would still use the ImageWriter
II on AppleTalk if I had the right driver). MacPalette II also did a
good job with greyscale and came with several different dither
patterns that could be used with either the black or black & color

I also think that GDT had a color driver for the ImageWriter II in
their PowerPrint package. If they have a color GX driver in their
PowerPrint GX package, I might consider getting it (I'm an on-again,
off-again QuickDraw GX fan).

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1. ImageWriter II dithered color?

About a year ago, someone sent me a shareware app that allowed the ImageWriter
II to produce dithered color output.

 I never got a chance to use it as all I had was an SE with the old 68000

Now I gotta 660AV, but no got the app that does the dithered color. Forgot its
name, too.

My present goal is to print 256 color AutoCAD files using the color ribbon on
the IW II. My impression is that the app essentially makes CMYK separations and
then prints the dots.

Any hints mucho appreciated.

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