Netscape Color problems

Netscape Color problems

Post by Jason Du » Mon, 03 Apr 1995 05:00:00


   I have been having problems getting 256 color gifs to display properly
when my system is set to 8-bit color. I have followed the instructions in
the "inlined images FAQ 8.1b" exactly. I merged all of the graphics files
into one, and then created a custom palette. But, when I look at the
images in Netscape (b1, b2, and b3) the colors are not mapped properly.
When I set my monitor to 16-bit everything looks fine.

To see the problem for yourself, check out

The problem only occurs with the background image, not the normal ones. To
see the difference, switch between 16 and 8 bit color modes. If anyone has
some suggestions, please let me know.

Jason Duva