3D model to 3D database

3D model to 3D database

Post by VAUGHN KEITH DAV » Tue, 23 Jan 1990 00:49:39

I am looking for information on any software, hardware, papers, etc
which solves the problem of converting a 3D model of an object into
a electronic 3D database.

As an example, if I build in my ba*t a new IMPROVED mousetrap and
then what to generate a set of engineering drawings for manufacturing
or a 3D database for running simulation software, how do I do it?

Some ideas:

1) I could take photos from the different angles then enter points by
hand into the computer.
    - Is there software or tools for doing this better?

2) Buy a 3D digitizer and scan it in.
    - This still seems too expensive.

Any other ideas!

Please response by email and I will summarize the ideas and comments on
the net later.

Thanks !
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332
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