looking for a 3d model of a Citroen 2CV

looking for a 3d model of a Citroen 2CV

Post by Philippe Vanpeperstraet » Sun, 03 Feb 2002 03:09:01

Has anyone done a 3D model of a citroen 2CV? I need it quite urgently to
help a friend. Doesn't need to be very high-quality, it's just to test
out some ideas for decoration




1. German 3D book - have a look at modeling and texturing a knubbly dude in 3D

(in english first)

hi ,

one thing i certainly don't have in mind: to lure anybody away from
their beloved tool. but let me invite you to take a look at the sample
chapter of my new book "Maya 4 Sketches" which i just put online. Maya
is one of the leading 3D programs (which, btw, will run on macs under OS
X by the end of september). the chapter covers modeling a little thin
man and texturing it with a displacement map - all done within 8 pages.
the chapter is not special in the context of the whole book, it's just
one of 30 mini-tutorials. the pdf-file is only 190 k small.

i'll translate my webpage into english as soon as the book is released
by peachpit press, berkeley, later this year. enjoy!




(und jetzt in deutsch)


lust auf 3D? lust, mal ein probekapitel aus meinem neuen buch "Maya 4
Sketches", das vor zwei Wochen bei addison-wesley erschienen ist,
anzusehen? in dem nur 190 k kleinen, 8-seitigen pdf-file geht es um die
modellierung eines kleinen dnnen "knubbelm?nnchens" und die
texturierung mit displacement maps. in diesem kapitel wird ausnahmsweise
mal nicht animiert, sondern nur gebaut und texturiert. ansonsten ist es
kein "besonderes" kapitel, sondern einfach eine von 30 fingerbungen in

achso, die software: Maya ist eins der fhrenden 3D-programme auf dem
markt und erscheint noch im september in einer optisch sehr gelungenen
umsetzung auf Mac OS X.

viel spa? damit,



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