Image Model, User Interface, and Graphics Library

Image Model, User Interface, and Graphics Library

Post by Chien-Ping » Fri, 02 Apr 1993 11:46:36

        Sorry if I bother you with silly questions. Can any experts on this
net clear my confusiona about so called, Image Models, User Interface,
and Graphics Library,

        -->Display PostScript is basically an Imgae Model, but is also used as a
User Interface. X Window of course is a User Interface, but is inevitablly has a
built-in Image Model. However, there are a lot of debates over the advantages
of X window and DPS, and furthermore, there comes a version of DPS under X Window....

        -->GL or OpenGL is a Graphics Library, but also contains some routines for
handling User Interface. If we put in X server capabilities for rendering, shading,
.... then do we still need a graphics library? Or if a graphics library has a rich
set of user interfact functions, can it be a stand alone user interface?

        -->How does a graphics library like OpenGL coexists with a image model like
DPS, or a user interface like X window?



1. User interface library for TIGA interface

I am looking at using a display controller board which has a 34010 or 34020
on it.  The board will come with a TIGA interface.  Does anyone know of a
user interface library which works to the TIGA interface?  If you suggest
using MS Windows and the TIGA driver that is available, take a look at the
other posting which I made on that subject.  If no package is available then
I will probably throw together a simple interface myself or hack together a
TIGA interface for some other user interface package.

Thanks for any input.

Jim Vallino     Siemens Corporate Research, Inc., Princeton, NJ

(609) 734-3331

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