Maths library required for fundamental graphics

Maths library required for fundamental graphics

Post by TU » Wed, 15 Feb 1995 20:01:49

Dear News reader,

I am looking out for a shareware graphics library on DOS (in C or C++) for
simple computations as follows :
- Given two points form a line equation.
- Given three points form an arc equation.
- Given 2 end points and the centre point form an arc equation.
- Given 2 end points and radius and direction form the arc equation.
- Given the centre and radius form an circle equation.
- Find the intersection of :
        Two lines, Line and arc, Two arcs, Line and circle and so on.
- Find a tangent to an arc or a circle at a given point.
- Find whether a point lies on a line or on an arc or on a circle.
- Find the perpendicular distance between a point and a line.
- Given a line and a point on the line, get a line perpendicular to that line.
- Given two lines state whether they are co-linear.
- Given two arcs state whether thay are co-arc.

These are the kind of computations I need to perform. I am basically looking
for a library that supports this, but I am also interested in studying the
same. Hence it will be extremely helpful if I can get the source code also.
This will also help me if I need to do any modifications.

You can mail your reply to me at the following internet address :

This being a group account please specify "ATTN : MANISH" in the subject.
Thanks a lot.

Manish (Bombay - India).


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Nicholas Swart

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