3D aid for 2d drawing

3D aid for 2d drawing

Post by LordBeotia » Mon, 04 Apr 2011 22:03:47

I think it would be helpful for a 2d drawer to have a 3d software
which provides rough models for buildings, plants, customizable human/
animal bodies, positions, shadings and so on... Does it exist a 2d-
graphics software which provide a 3d engine specifically designed to
work with such  models as an aid to the 2d drawing?

1. Need a 2D animation aid, fast!

I am a programmer working with an animator.
Whenever I complain about the fluidity of some of
his animations, he complains that it's very difficult
to inbetween in photoshop.

Is there a graphics tool advanced like photoshop but
that is good for creating fluid 2d animation?
Or is there some photoshop plug-in that would make the
process easier?



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