Need example C code that uses 24bit DirectColor under Xlib

Need example C code that uses 24bit DirectColor under Xlib

Post by Bruce Kelley Hort » Wed, 09 Mar 1994 09:05:58

  Does anyone have a C example of using 24 bit DirectColor in Xlib?  
I have read the O'Reilly books (Vol 1&2) but can't get any code
to work.  I have no problem with 8 bit color.  I posted this question to, but received no answers.

  The ideal example would be written in C and would not use XMotif or
XIntrinsics.  Specifically, I would like example code that shows me how
to correctly select a 24bit DirectColor Visual, create a color map
(if necessary), select a 24bit color in RGB space, draw a line,
and clean up.

 Please send responses via E-Mail.  I'll summarize and post.

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1. Wanted: Example code using DirectColor 24 bit Visual

I am having trouble with a current project that requires the use of a
24 bit directcolor visual under X windows.  Everytime I do a XCreateWindow,
I get a XBadMatch error, which I cannot figure out the cause of. (gosh,
leave that preposition dangling).

The steps I need to do is:

        1.  Use XMatchVisual to decide if a 24 bit visual is available
            (it is not my default visual)
        2.  Use XCreateWindow to create a window.
        3.  Create an XImage to be used with the window.

If anyone has a simple program or program fragment that you know works, then
please send it to me.  I am also open to any hints on how to proceed, as
I am strictly a novice X programmer.

If it helps, I have tested this on an HP9000 300 series, which supports

Thanks in advance.

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