ANN: SkinCrafter 1.0 Released - Powerful tool for skinnable application development

ANN: SkinCrafter 1.0 Released - Powerful tool for skinnable application development

Post by SkinCrafter.c » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 18:00:42

Customers are demanding programs that they can customize, according to
their own aesthetic tastes. The skinable interface is the answer and
SkinCrafter is your solution.
We are pleased to introduce new ActiveX desktop application
skinization library SkinCrafter 1.0 for developers.

SkinCrafter supports all common programming languages including MS
Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, Windows Forms (.NET)

For more information about SkinCrafter please visit
Free DEMO is available at <>
Take advantage of SkinCrafter! Increase your applications
We'll improve your profitability!


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Hi to all TreeDesigner Beta Users!

The release version of TreeDesigner "TreeDesigner 1.0" has been published on
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To those of you who haven't seen TreeDesigner yet, and don't know what it is

TreeDesigner is a Win32 platform (W95/W98/NT4.0) 3D modeler for trees and
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check out the URL above, where everything is explained in more detail?


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