Artist needs help choosing PowerMac

Artist needs help choosing PowerMac

Post by Bandes Dessin » Mon, 26 Sep 1994 05:30:40

Hi - I'm looking to buy myself a PowerMac in the next few weeks, and I'm
trying to figure out what I can/can't afford, so on and so forth.
Ideally, I'd like the fastest possible machine, with the most memory
I can afford.  To my reckoning, that's probably a PowerMac 7100, since
the 8100 is just a whole hell of a lot more money.  

This is what I need -

At least 16 megs ram, preferably more
The ability to capture video from my Canon Xapshot still-video camera
The ability to print to my HP LaserJet 3p (with PostScript)
A scanner (I currently have an Epson 600c, but it's parallel, I
expect I'll have to sell it)
2 Megs of VRAM, and the best video card possible

I am on a tight budget, and just can't spend more than $4k, though the
sale of my scanner will probably bring some more money in.

I've heard that there are problems with the NuBus in the 7100 - how serious is
this?  Is this something that can be fixed?  How will these problems affect me?
MY primary applications are graphics, the only NuBus product I can currently
see wanting/needing is some sort of video capture system.  

What do I get with an AV card?  Can I add one later?  Is there a third-party
NuBus card that I could add later instead?  As I said, all I really need
from it is video capture, and I could add it later if it would save
me money now - as I use the scanner more frequently than the video camera
right now.  I know about the Apple QuickTake, but I'd really rather not
buy any more hardware than I have to, and I like the Xapshot.

I will also probably want to buy a Wacom ArtZ tablet, as well as Painter 3.0
and Photoshop 3.0.

I would really appreciate suggestions on how to best configure a system,
and how to best stick to my budget.  

I currently have a Mitsubishi Diamond Scan 1381AUM 15 inch multisync monitor,
I hope to be able to use it on the mac...

Email is preferred, though I'll do my best to watch these groups.

Many thanks!


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