New Public Domain Clipart

New Public Domain Clipart

Post by Paul Maa » Wed, 08 Dec 1999 04:00:00


My site has a growing collection of "Moonstone People": funny figures
in all kinds of positions and situations. There are also public domain
borders, backgrounds, bullets, dividers and backgrounds for banners.
All of these were created by me, I haven't just collected them on
the Web.

Most free clipart sites will not give you permission to alter the size
or color of their images. And you must place a text link back or banner
on your page. Because my images are in the public domain, you are
allowed to alter them (you can create new borders, backgrounds etc.
with them) and you don't have to link back to my site.

Hope you will create some great pages,



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Works produced by the U.S. Federal Government are not copyrighted.
So by law, any of their images can be used for your projects.
Does anyone know if there are CDs with these kinds of images?

Or is there some place on the Web where one can get these?

Wim Kerk

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