References wanted for rendering text characters in 3D

References wanted for rendering text characters in 3D

Post by George V. Reil » Tue, 20 Nov 1990 11:52:14

I'm looking for references on rendering text characters
in 3D: flying logos, captions, drop-shadowed text, even
texture mapping, etc.  While I can find plenty of references
on 2D rasterizing of characters, and general 3D rendering
of objects, I've been unable to locate anything that
discusses rendering text in 3D.

Email me, and I'll post a summary.


1. Figure reference for 3D character artists

Figure 2 Productions has created a CD of photo reference of the human
figure with the 3D artist in mind, titled "The Figure on CD."
Read the review at:

The disc contains photos of a male and female model, specifically for
use as templates with views from the front, side and back. There are
full figure views and detailed close-ups for modeling the figure in
sections. Each model also has 140 poses which serve as a guide for when
the figure model is complete and a skeleton has been added.

As a special bonus, 34 Quicktime movies are included for motion studies.

Go to: for more info and ordering.

There are thumbnails of many of the images in the "What's on the Disc"
area and be sure to check the Gallery section where you can see the work
of several artists who created head and figure models from the photos on
the disc.
Mark Hannon
Figure 2 Productions, LLC

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