siggraph '92 proceedi

siggraph '92 proceedi

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OJ>The MS Windows viewer program on the SIGGRAPH '92 Proceedings CD

Sorry for jumping in here, but I've always been interested in finding
out more about SIGGRAPH.  I assume one JOINS SIGGRAPH.  How does
one join?  What are the fees?  I assume there is a monthly journal
or something.  What is there?  I'm especially intrigued by the CD
you mention.  Does it include graphics images etc?  Can non-members
obtain it?  How?  How much money?  

Any info would be appreciated.

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1. CALL FOR PAPERS - CA'92 (Computer Animation'92)

                      COMPUTER ANIMATION'92
                       Geneva, Switzerland
                         May, 20-22 1992

The Computer Graphics Society (CGS) is pleased to announce COMPUTER
ANIMATION'92 in Geneva. This fourth conference on Computer Animation
is organized jointly by the University, the Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology and CGS.

                        CALL FOR PAPERS

Contributions are solicited describing original research results and
applications experience to the following areas of computer animation :

.Paint sytems                     .Animation for scientific visualization
.Motion control                   .Animation in engineering
.Keyframe animation               .Motion blur and temporal aliasing
.Path planning                    .A.I.-based animation
.Mechanics-based animation        .Robotics and animation
.Synthetic actors                .Virtual reality
.Image rendering in animation     .Special effects
.Animation languages and systems  .Sound synchronization
.Animator interfaces              .Speech synchronization
.Special Hardware for animation   .Recording techniques

Four copies of full papers in English are due December 1,1991. Authors will
be notified by January 10,1992. Camera-ready papers are due by February 10,
1992. All accepted papers will appear in a book published by Springer Verlag.

Send papers to:

       Daniel Thalmann
       Program Chair
       Computer Graphics Lab.
       Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
       CH-1015 Lausanne
       tel:41-21-693 5214,fax:41-22-693 5328

PrograM Committee
Norman Badler (USA), Eugene Fiume (Canada), David Haumann (USA),
Tosiyasu L Kunii (Japan), Gavin Miller (USA), Nadia Magnenat Thalmann
(Switzerland), Fred Parke (USA), Peter Stucki (Switzerland), Demetri
Terzopoulos (Canada), Daniel Thalmann (Switzerland).

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