Color StyleWriter Pro Problems with PrintShop Deluxe

Color StyleWriter Pro Problems with PrintShop Deluxe

Post by Hagen Ho » Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Runs out of memory when 32% complete a print job.  ANyone else had the
same problem and got a work around or located a fix?

I haven't contacted the Company yet.

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1. Novice PrintShop Deluxe problem

I have a friend who is struggling with what I hope is a simple to
solve problem with Print Shop Deluxe Ensemble II under Windows 3.1.
I don't have this program so I am asking for help here.  She is
trying to make return address labels.  When she tries to do this she
gets everything in a vertical column instead of across the label.
This is what she gets:


She tried enlarging the text block but the only thing she got was
a larger block of column print.

Does this problem make any sense to anyone?  How can she fix it?  
She is a novice, so the solution is probably something very simple.

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