RIB pre-processing for render passes

RIB pre-processing for render passes

Post by Andrew Chapma » Sun, 08 Jun 2003 23:59:30

Quick tutorial on using the C/C++ pre-processor to generate render
passes from a single RIB file, as I described in a post here a few weeks


Andrew Chapman
3D Technical Director - Framestore CFC


1. Large RIB files and shadow passes

  I have a large model that deforms on every frame and is motion blurred.
The model geometry is 2-3 Mb. If I do my shadow passes (PRMan z-depth
renders) in the same RIB file as my main camera pass, my RIB file grows
another couple of megs for every shadow-casting light.  Is there a way
around this?  Other than gzip, is there a way to make my RIB files smaller?

  While you ponder on the above, here's an idea for an addition to the
spec: MacroBegin, MacroEnd, and MacroInstance.  They would work just like
ObjectBegin, ObjectEnd, and ObjectInstance, except that into them you
could put any sequence of RIB statements.  Then, for each pass, you would
MacroInstance the appropriate geometry and associated MotionBegin/MotionEnd

-- Antoine



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