Need code or algorithm

Need code or algorithm

Post by Andrea M. Lon » Thu, 22 Oct 1992 02:55:19

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|Hello! I am needing to locate an algorithm or program to compute what parts of
|an object would be on the back of the retina when it is being perceived. I
|would prefer that it be able to compute for 3D objects, but 2D objects are ok
|too! Does anyone have such an algorithm or know where I might be able to
|locate one?
|           Thanx!
|                     Andrea M. Lonon
|Department of Psychology             Center for Computational Sciences
|106 Kastle Hall                      325 McVey Hall
|University of Kentucky               University of Kentucky
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|USA                                  USA
|(606) 257-5496                       (606) 257-8741


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I'm looking for source code to fit a B Spline (2 Dimensional) to
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a detailed algorithm or code in Fortran or Pascal would
suffice. My background in numerical and graphics programming is
very limited so it'd be helpful if the code was well commented.

If you can send me something or direct me somewhere, I'd
appreciate it.

Please reply to:

Thanks very much.

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