JOBS OFFERED: 3-D Graphics Programmers - Chapel Hill, NC

JOBS OFFERED: 3-D Graphics Programmers - Chapel Hill, NC

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Software Development Positions at NDL

Numerical Design Limited has openings for full-time programmers to
assist in developing real-time 3D interactive applications. The ideal
candidate will have several years of experience (academic or
industrial) writing graphics libraries and strong skills in C, C++, and
assembly language. We are looking for talented and fearless individuals
who enjoy a challenge. Recent graduates will be considered.

Numerical Design Limited is a computer graphics software company
located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Our rendering library, rPlus,
is incorporated into a variety of leading graphics applications
including Autodesk Autovision, Caligari TrueSpace, and Asymetrix 3D
F/X. We were the primary developers of Adobe Dimensions, winner of
Macworld's World Class Award for Best New Graphics Product of the Year
in 1993. NDL's current projects focus on 3D interactive games.

Please send resumes by one of the following methods:
(Listed in order of preference)

Fax:    Murray Baughman       (919) 967-3237
USMail: Murray Baughman
        Numerical Design Limited
        1506 E. Franklin Street, Suite 302
        Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514


1. Graphics Jobs (Chapel Hill, NC)

Numerical Design, Ltd. is the developer of 3D graphics technology behind
many leading PC packages and games.  We offer a unique combination of
leading edge product development, a small company environment, and 14 years
of 3D graphics expertise.  Join us as we explore new markets for real-time
3D technology.

Apply your great programming skills developing real-time 3D graphics
algorithms and applications for our development team.  A BS degree is
required; MS preferred.  Experience in the following areas is highly
desirable: 3D graphics, algorithms, tools, Direct3D, OpenGl, Visual C/C++,
MFC, User Interface Design.

HR, Numerical Design, Ltd. 1506 E. Franklin St., Suite 302, Chapel Hill, NC

Dave Eberly
Numerical Design, Ltd.

Voice:  1.919.929.2917 x14

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