Flicker Light Studio presents Tom Repasky

Flicker Light Studio presents Tom Repasky

Post by Tom Repask » Fri, 02 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hello everyone :-)

It's been a year or so since I have been here nice to see not much has
changed (except less spam/junk mail).  I have always enjoyed the
opinions and views of others and the suggestions/comments.

I would like to welcome you all to re-visit (or visit for the first
time) my web site (Flicker Light? Studio).  During the past year my site

has under gone many changes and many new images have been added.  My art

continues to be well liked and appreciated around the world.  Recent
articles in magazine(s) have portrayed me as a  leading digital fine
artist in the world today.


Stop by if you are interested in unique and expressive visual art
created on a computer with 3d and 2d applications.  There is no *
material on my site so if that is what you seek, you will be
disappointed :-)  Currently my site has over 200 images created during
the past 3 years.


Tom Repasky
Flicker Light Studio


1. Flicker Flicker Flicker and big Bitmaps

This is mainly to Earl F. Glynn.

How many times have you answered this question:
  How can I do flickerfree animations?

Or how about this one, I know I have asked this question myself:
  How can I do to display a realy large Bitmap?

I just want to say that you do a good job, answering these questions all the
You deserve some credits, and your homepage is so neat.

regards David

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