printon dot matrix printer

printon dot matrix printer

Post by ped.. » Tue, 05 Apr 1994 08:09:40

I am using a shareware program called graphics workshop 6.10.The purpose of
using the ing the software is to capture
ing the program is to capture and print images from graphics programs .The
capture part works ok but when I try to print I either get garbage or nothing .
any suggestions. thanks* mintzer

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hello there!

I want to send Poscript output to a laserjet+ compatible printer.
do you know about Hardware/Software products which can do the job?
( It can be a box that connects to the printer,
  a card inside a pc,
  or a software program (preferably PD) ).


Amnon Levav , Tel-Aviv University,Comp.Sci.

UUCP: ...!ucbvax!alevav%taurus.bitnet (If all else fails)

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