Povray polygon texturing

Povray polygon texturing

Post by aleato » Tue, 29 Jul 2003 04:48:31


I'm looking for simple way to texture a polygon (or group of)
so that the color of the polygon would be darker in the middle,
and lighter towards the edges.
A pattern, preferably.

I can see no simple way of doing this and google is not with me today.
On could compose gradients of the outer edges of the polygon, but this
is quite tedious, and it will fail when applied to two polygons next to one

Also, when dealing with simple convex polygons using spherical mapping
is a good approximation, but when there is two such next to another and the
texture should be continous, it will not work.

What do I need this for? I'm trying to build hexagonal maps for a game, and
there are some components such as water that need to be continous and also
follow the forms of the map.

You can see a helpful prototype at: http://cocoon.it.jyu.fi/~aleator/map.png
The forest looks decent and the city is nearly acceptable but the water is
too clean: there should be a different colour at the edges of the water,
and it would need some turbulence.

Any ideas how to accomplish this easily?

Also is there an easy way of blending textures that live on overlapping

- Ville Tirronen


Povray polygon texturing

Post by Warp » Tue, 29 Jul 2003 08:32:59

  How about making your polygon with uv-mapped triangles?
  With uv-coordinates it's easy to pick any part of a pattern on the
vertices of the triangle.

plane{-x+y,-1pigment{bozo color_map{[0rgb x][1rgb x+y]}turbulence 1}}
sphere{0,2pigment{rgbt 1}interior{media{emission 1density{spherical
density_map{[0rgb 0][.5rgb<1,.5>][1rgb 1]}turbulence.9}}}scale
<1,1,3>hollow}text{ttf"timrom""Warp".1,0translate<-1,-.1,2>}//  - Warp -


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