PBM+ version/new version (?)

PBM+ version/new version (?)

Post by j3.. » Tue, 29 Jun 1993 06:14:56

What is the most current verson of PBM+?  The last one that I'm able to find is
circa 1991 (with a few patches in that same year.)  Has anyone (other than me
heard that there was a /newer/ version somewhere?

Jeffrey E. Hundstad
AS/400 System/Network Adminstrator
Mankato State University
Mankato Minnesota, USA
44 8'N 93 59'W


1. convert new version to older version

I am in desparate need of a program or plug-in that will allow me to save
down files from a newer version of 3ds to an older version.  Specifically, I
need to open version 2 files in version 1.2.


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