Advance Program 1995 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics

Advance Program 1995 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics

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1995 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics Advance Program

     9 - 12 April 1995
     Monterey, California.

Full Papers

"Object Associations: A Simple and Practical Approach to Virtual 3D
Manipulation" by Richard Bukowski & Carlo H. Sequin, University of
California at Berkeley.

"CamDroid: A System for Implementing Intelligent Camera Control"
by Steven M. Drucker, MIT Media Lab & David Zeltzer, MIT Research
Laboratory for Electronics at MIT.

"Shadow Volume BSP Trees for Computation of Shadows in Dynamic
Scenes" by Y. Chrysanthou & M. Slater, QMW University of London.

"3D Painting on Scanned Surfaces" by Maneesh Agrawala, Andrew C.
Beers and Marc Levoy, Stanford University.

"Of Mice and Monkeys: A Specialized Input Device for Virtual Body
Animation" by Chris Esposito, Virtual Systems Group, Boeing Computer
Services and W. Bradford Paley, Digital Image Design, Inc.

"Volume Sculpting" by Sidney W. Wang & Arie E. Kaufman, State
University of New York at Stony Brook.

"Visual Navigation of Large Environments Using Textured Clusters"
by Paulo W. C. Maciel, Indiana University & Peter Shirley,
Cornell University.

"Interactive Design, Analysis, and Illustration of Assemblies"
by Elena Driskill & Elaine Cohen, University of Utah.

"Hierarchical and Variational Geometric Modeling with Wavelets" by
Steven J. Gortler & Michael F. Cohen, Princeton University.

"Behavioral Programming for Real-Time Interactive Simulated Human
Agents" by Barry D. Reich, John P. Granieri, Welton Becket, Jonathan
Crabtree & Norman I. Badler, University of Pennsylvania.

"RING: A Client-Server System for Multi-User Virtual Environments"
by Thomas A. Funkhouser, AT&T Bell Laboratories.

"The Tecate DataSpace Exploration Utility" by Peter Kochevar,
Digital Equipment Corporation & Len Wanger, San Diego Supercomputer

"Resolving Occlusion in Augmented Reality" by Matthias M. Wloka &
Brian G. Anderson, Brown University.

"Impulse-based Simulation of Rigid Bodies" by Brian Mirtich & John
Canny, University of California at Berkeley,

"Surface Modification Tools in a Virtual Environment Interface to
a Scanning Probe Microscope" by M. Finch, M. Falvo, R. Superfine, S.
Washburn, R. Taylor, VL Chi & J. Halper, University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill.

"Interactive Volume Visualization on a Heterogeneous Message-Passing
Multicomputer" by Andrei State, Jonathan McAllister, Ulrich Neumann,
Hong Chen, Tim J. Cullip, David T. Chen & Henry Fuchs, University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

"I-COLLIDE: An Interactive and Exact Collision Detection System
for Large-Scale Environments" by Jonathan D. Cohen, Ming C. Lin,
DineshManocha & Madhav K. Ponamgi, University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill.

"Interactive Display of Large-Scale NURBS Models" by Subodh Kumar,
Dinesh Manocha & Anselmo Lastra, University of North Carolina at Chapel

"The Sort-First Rendering Architecture for High-Performance Graphics" by
Carl Mueller, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

"Real-Time Programmable Shading" by Anselmo Lastra, Steven Molnar,
Marc Olano & Yulan Wang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

"Combating Graphics System Latency" by Marc Olano, Jon Cohen, Mark
Mine & Gary Bishop, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

"A Virtual Space Teleconferencing System that Supports Intuitive
Interaction for Creative and Cooperative Work" by M. Yoshida,
Y. Tijerino, S. Abe & F. Kishino, Advanced Telecommunications Research
Institute International, Kyoto, Japan.

"Haptic Rendering: Programming Touch Interaction With Virtual
Objects" by K. Salisbury, D. Brock, T. Massie, N. Swarup & C. Zilles,
MIT AI Laboratory.

Short Papers & Demo Papers:

"An Environment for Real-time Urban Simulation" by William Jepson,
Robin Liggett & Scott Friedman, University of California at Los Angeles.

"NPSNET: Demonstration of Multi-Player Virtual Environment over
the Internet" by Michael R. Macedonia, Donald P. Brutzman, Michael J.
Zyda, David R. Pratt, Paul T. Barham & John Falby, Naval Postgraduate
School at Monterey.

"Mathenautics: Using Virtual Reality to Visit Three-Dimensional
Manifolds" by Randy Hudson, Charlie Gunn,Daniel J. Sandin, George K.
Francis & Thomas A. DeFanti, University of Illinois at Chicago.

"Interactive Full Spectral Rendering" by Mark S. Peercy, Benjamin
M. Zhu & Daniel R. Baum, Silicon Graphics, Inc.

"Underwater Vehicle Control from a Virtual Environment Interface"
by Stephen D. Fleischer & Stephen M. Rock, Stanford University, Michael
J. Lee, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

"Guided Navigation of Virtual Environments" by Tinsley A. Galyean,
MIT Media Laboratory.

"Tracking a Turbulent Spot in an Immersive Environment" by David
Banks, NASA Langley Research Center, Michael Kelly, ICASE & ISI

"Interactive Shape Metamorphosis" by David T. Chen & Andrei State,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, David Banks, NASA Langley
Research Center.

"Interactive Playing with Large Synthetic Environments" by Bruce
F. Naylor, AT&T Bell Laboratories.

"Lazy Evaluation of Potentially Visible Sets"
by David P. Luebke and Chris Georges

R E G I S T R A T I O N  L E T T E R

1995 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics

Dear Potential Symposium Registrant:

     You are invited to register for the 1995 Symposium on Interactive 3D
Graphics. We hope this symposium will stimulate research in interactive
3D graphics by bringing together many of the outstanding researchers from
academia, industry and government. A variety of advanced work will be
covered, with the focus on the topic "Where is the frontier today in
real-time, interactive 3D graphics?"

     The symposium will start with a reception on Sunday evening, the 9th
of April (6pm to 8pm), where participants can get together informally and
watch some of the demonstrations. We are planning a full day of talks on Monday,
the 10th of April. Tuesday the 11th of April is another day of talks, with an
evening banquet. Wednesday, the 12th of April, is a full day of talks, with
symposium conclusion at 5pm.

     To facilitate closer participation by everyone and encourage better
sharing of ideas, the symposium will be limited to 250 participants.
Please register promptly with the registration form below. We have a
limited number of student scholarships available that will pay most of
the registration costs. If you are a full-time student and wish to apply
for one of these scholarships, please enclose with your registration
payment a letter requesting a scholarship. Please tell us in this letter
the name of your school and the degree program in which you are a
full-time student.

     The symposium will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Monterey,
California, on the 9th - 12th of April 1995. A block of rooms in the
Hyatt has been held for participants at the following rates:

                           Guest          Govt/Student
     Single Occupancy:     $111               $74
     Double Occupancy:     $111              $105

You must make reservations directly with the Hyatt by the 20th of March
1995. Rooms not reserved by name at that time will be released.
The Hyatt requires a major credit card to hold rooms and requires
72 hours prior to check-in time cancellation notice. Contact
information for the hotel:

     Hyatt Regency Monterey
     One Old Golf Course Road
     Monterey, California 93940
     (408) 372-1234 (phone)
     (408) 375-3960 (fax)

The rates are valid three days before and after the symposium.
Mention the name of the conference when making reservations.
Monterey Peninsula is a tourist destination so please make
your hotel reservations as soon as you register for the

     The Hyatt Regency Monterey is five minutes from the Monterey Airport.
Monterey Airport is serviced by United, Delta, American, and USAir
via connecting flights in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose.

     The registration fee for the symposium is $300 ($350 after 31
January 1995) and $100 for students. That fee includes the proceedings,
reception, banquet and lunches.

     Please fill out the registration form and return it by email to:

The check covering registration fees must follow the delivery of the
electronic registration form. That check must arrive NO MORE THAN 7 days
after my receipt of that electronic form. The symposium WILL sell out.
Please be prompt as when all seats are sold, they are gone. Include
a paper copy of your emailed registration form with the payment of the
registration fees.

     We all look forward to seeing you at the symposium.

     Michael Zyda
     Symposium Chair

R E G I S T R A T I O N  F O R M

1995 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics







Email Address (required):

Date You Mailed the Check:

Registration Status (Author/Co-author/Full/Student):

Please indicate any special needs or requirements you have for attendance
at this symposium:

Registration Fee is $300 ($350 after 31 January 1995). Please make the
check payable to: "ACM - 1995 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics".

Email your completed registration form to:

Mail a copy of your email registration form and accompanying check to:

     Michael Zyda
     Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics
     Naval Postgraduate School
     Code CS/Zk, Dept of Computer Science
     Spanagel Hall 516
     Monterey, California 93943-5118
     (408) 656-2305 (phone)