HELP ---------- Looking for a SVGA PrintScreen --------- HELP

HELP ---------- Looking for a SVGA PrintScreen --------- HELP

Post by Patrick Le Ca » Sat, 11 Mar 1995 01:45:52

        I have been writing a graphic DOS application using a VESA
graphic card in 1024x768x256 col and I now need a direct print screen
facility (ie: not a screen capture to file and then print it). It can be TSR or
run from online command.

The printers would either be a LaserJet or PaintJet (Not Postcript), so the
screen can be printed in B&W or color.

I found nothing after weeks of research on various sites, so I'll be really
happy if someone can come with a software name or an FTP site,
Pleeeaaaase !

Thank Q

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