Accreditation at Academy of Art College SF

Accreditation at Academy of Art College SF

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Since its inception in 1929, the Academy of Art Colleges official Mission
Statement has been to provide aspiring artists and designers with career
preparation, combined with academic excellence for the BFA, AA, MFA and
Certificate programs in the areas of art and design.

The Academy of Art College recognizes that the paper diploma is not a substitute
for a professional portfolio.  Every student leaves with a personalized,
creative, and completely professional portfolio of work that gets them hired in
their field of choice.

The Academy of Art College has proven itself to be the best possible place to be
trained as an artist or designer by the many successes of its graduates and the
Academys high placement rate.  Graduates from the Academy get hired by places
like Pixar, DreamWorks SKG, Hallmark, Industrial Light + Magic, and Oscar de la

The Academy of Art College is fully accredited by the national Accrediting
Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), which is also accredited
by The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), the board that sets
the standards for regional accreditations.  Additionally, the Academy is
accredited by The National Association of Art and Design (NASAD), The Foundation
of Interior Design Education and Research (FIDER), and is licensed to confer the
degrees of BFA, MFA, AA and Certificate in the state of California.  There are
several Academy of Art College alumni who have become faculty at other
universities, including Kent State, University of Louisiana, and the Lyme
Academy among many others.

The Academy meets the same requirements by which regionally accredited
institutions are judged.   As a professional school, the Academy has focused on
a curriculum that addresses the need to meet job market portfolio standards,
rather than the general education requirements for regional accreditation.  We
have researched the possibility of gaining regional accreditation, but to
conform to these requirements would mean a longer stay in school and
substantially greater educational cost to families.  Instead, liberal arts
courses are incorporated into the Academys advanced art and design programs in
a way that best benefits students who are aspiring to be working artists and

Accreditation is by no means a deciding factor whether or not you are able to
transfer credits from one school to the next.  An Academy of Art College degree
may or may not prepare someone to continue on to a Master of Arts program,
depending on the program you choose at the Academy and the Master of Arts
program you would like to pursue after graduation. However, if BFA graduates
wish to continue their students, they will certainly be fully prepared to enroll
in an MFA program.  

If you do attend the Academy of Art College, your education will be fully geared
towards becoming a successful, professional artist or designer.  Students are
taught art and design skills and principles by top working professional artists
and designers from all over the world, who bring a wealth of industry knowledge
and expertise to the classroom. In addition, students academic endeavors are
supported by technical facilities that are second to none.  The Academys 20
buildings contain technologically advanced classrooms, labs and studios with the
latest software and equipment available, as well as an art-dedicated library.

I wish you the very best for your future.  If you feel that you would like to
become a professional artist or designer, we will be able to help you fulfill
your dreams.

Most Sincerely,
Elisa Stephens, President
Academy of Art College  

AAC Webmaster


1. Academy of Art College, SF, CA

This is not a hoax.

Do NOT go to the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, CA. They are
NOT regionally accredited. They only have national accreditation. What
does that mean? Means, you're screwed if you want to continue forward
to grad school because most grad schools do not want to accept
candidates from non-regionally accreditated schools. They do not tell
their students and by the time you graduate with a bachelor's degree
from them, you're really f***ked because it's too late. You've then
already spent time and money on an education that's going to make your
life hell when you want to continue with your studies at a different

Spread this out and let everyone know!

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