Mac Illustrator-->PC Corel??

Mac Illustrator-->PC Corel??

Post by Alberic » Thu, 30 Mar 1995 04:00:00

Greetings all;
Does anybody know of a translator program that will take output
from the Mac version of Illustrator 5.5 and convert it to something
that can be sent over the net, and then read by a PC running
CorelDraw 5?  We're going for direct machine to machine hookups, so
it doesn't really need to be net-able, but It definitely needs
to preserve the scale and line weights.
(My output service is an hour away through DC traffic...)

Any help would be deeply appreciated.
Brian Meek


Mac Illustrator-->PC Corel??

Post by DrBev170 » Sat, 01 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Hi Brian,

Corel will read .AI files directly--you have to File|Import them, not
File|Open them. They should then even be able to be edited; not just come
across as one single graphic item.

Corel actually can read and write graphics in about a kajillion formats.



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What's the best way to do this conversion? I have a client asking for
files (preferably editable) that she can use with Corel Draw. I have sent
her eps's, Illustrator 3 format, saved with an ibm pc preview, but the
client says she can't read them. Actually, she also says that they look
"poorly scanned." Sounds like she *can* read them, but *can't* edit them.

What should I give her/tell her? Does CDR have a way to traslate eps's
that our client does not know about? Do I need to save in an Illustrator
88 or 1.1 format instead?

Thanks for any help...


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