jpeg/jfif for DOS?

jpeg/jfif for DOS?

Post by Matt Rognl » Sat, 12 Mar 1994 22:35:50

Is there a program to view JPEG/JFIF files on a DOS machine (or convert to a
TIFF or GIF, etc)?  Thanks for any help.

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jpeg/jfif for DOS?

Post by Frans Rip (Wageningen Agric.U., Netherlands, 08370-820 » Tue, 15 Mar 1994 18:36:57

Quote: (Matt Rognlie) writes:
>Is there a program to view JPEG/JFIF files on a DOS machine (or convert to a
>TIFF or GIF, etc)?  Thanks for any help.

in the JPEG-faq by Tom Lane, Image Alchemy is said to do so.
This faq is available by FTP from ,
Good luck.

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1. JPEG JFIF baseline file format question

JPEG JFIF file format question for all the JPEG wizards out there.

I have figured out what the JFIF JPEG headers look like and how to decode
them and have written code that actually seems to successfully do so.  What
I am not sure of is how the scan blocks are laid out when you have color and
when your H and V sampling factors are not all 1.

Ok, so let's assume that there are the three standard color components YCbCr
and that Y has an H=2 V=2 and that Cb has H=1 V=1 and Cr has H=1 V=1.  So
there are four times as many Y samples as Cb samples right?  Now, how are
the samples laid out?  Is it:

|----- 256 Ys ------|---- 64 Cbs -----------|---- 64 Crs ------|

or is it

|--------------- 64 times ----------------------|

or something else?

What if it were V=3 H=1 for Y and V=1 H=2 for Cb, or some strange

An essentially related question.  If my image size is 300x500 and I have the
V and H values given above, does this mean I should expect 300x500 Y values
and 150x250 Cb and Cr values? or does it mean I should expect 600x1000 Y
values and 300x500 Cb and Cr values?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Q. Why not just use the IJG C library?
A. Well it doesn't do what I want I also I need it in Java.

Q. Why not just look at the IJG library and see what they do?
A. Well I did, and I will resort to that again if I have to, but I find the
code very difficult to follow.



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