Montreal (byy from me used stuff alot cheap)

Montreal (byy from me used stuff alot cheap)

Post by The Brok » Tue, 17 Dec 2002 07:31:31

computer laptops/desktops from me.

1. MacRenderMan Stuff Cheap!

For Sale!

-PIXAR ShowPlace 2.2 (on CD-ROM) for Mac
-MacroMedia SwivelMan (Macintosh model, render,animation) outputs RIBs
-Steve Epstill's 460 pg. book "The RenderMan Companion"
-MacRenderMan Developers Stuff (binder of tech notes)
-RendX-Stratavision XTension (allows RIB output from Straavision)

Approx. $700 of Renderman Stuff for the Mac!
Will sell for $150 COD!

Dave Eurton

2. Aragorn Stride

3. FS: Quadra 650 + lots of stuff for cheap!!!

4. DeskJet Windows Driver Version 4

5. copyright question - using stuff from MasterClips, etc.

6. New Release of 3D engine Crystal Space (0.10)

7. Try using WebFX for website stuff....

8. Acclaim Coin-Operated is looking for programmers.