Bryce panorama's help

Bryce panorama's help

Post by Michael Roet » Sun, 21 Jul 1996 04:00:00

what can you do with the 360 panorama function in KPT Bryce 1.0?
Is it possible to put a 1.0 panorama into QuickTime VR?
can I transfer the images from Bryce 1.0 without using 360 panorama (using
some kind of 3rd app.)?

-michale roetto


1. Can Bryce 2.0 do Quicktime VR panoramas?

I read the recent review of Bryce 2.0 in MacWeek, but couldn't find any
reference to panoramas. Does anyone know whether Bryce 2.0 can render
360-degree panoramas which can be diced into Quicktime VR panoramas? More
importantly, can the field-of-view be varied in Bryce's panoramas
(simulating various focal-length lenses)?

Swee Huat Oon
The Basin 3154,
Victoria, Australia.

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