triangle intersection problem.

triangle intersection problem.

Post by Kessells.. » Tue, 04 Sep 1990 17:48:23

I am currently working on a system that requires determining whether two
triangles (when projected onto the plane) intersect each other.  I don't
want code, but any ref's would be much appreciated...

Please email me at the address below as soon as possible if you can
                                         Paul Rayner.

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#include <std_witticism>


1. cuboid -> triangle intersection, keeping highest intersection pnt

Subj : cuboid -> triangle intersection, keeping highest intersection


I want to do a cuboid to triangle collision.. but its not THAT simple.

Here's the problem...

I have a cuboid, this cuboid is setup so that none of its 8
corners "stab" the triangle. But a triangle may intersect in any other
way possible.

The cuboid is axis alligned, with the square parts at the top and
bottom (if this helps any maths at all)

Now (the complicated bit).  When the triangle hits, I would like to
store the highest part of the triangle which hit the cuboid (and it
needs to work, in all cases... and quickly).

Any ideas?  Has this been done before?

Just in case anyones interested... Im using this for a collision system
(too long winded to go into why im not using elipsoids here)..
Basically I want to use this technique (using bbox around character) to
find the point I should be stood on in the world.  I am extending the
bbox so that its top and bottom are above/below the world boundaries
(so no "stabbing" occurs).  And will be doing this for triangles which
I know Im potentially stood on (there arent many).

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