Thread v1.2 has been released...

Thread v1.2 has been released...

Post by Jeff Burto » Sun, 07 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hello all,

Just a note to let you know that Thread v1.2 has been released and
is now available. If your not familiar with Thread it's a small, free
DOS utility that creates mesh files for rendering*threads
in Povray. Thread currently creates industry standard Square, Worm,
General Purpose, and American Standard threads.

Version 1.2 enhancements:

* User-defined output file names
* User-defined output file types, Povray 2.x or Povray 3.0
* The Povray 3.0 file type now uses the more efficient "mesh" object
* User-defined object name for placing more than one thread object in a
* Now allows you to select left or right handed threads
* Improved user interface

You can get the latest version of Thread by visiting my home page
and entering the Povray Software section. The URL is


The Thread Development Team

Jeff Burton
Shaun Ivory



Master Tech Enterprises               Visit my home page site at
Paducah, KY USA     
Author of the freeware POV utilities Smooth, DXFConv, and Thread