WMF <--> GIF

WMF <--> GIF

Post by Hans-Christian Boos ETH-Zuri » Wed, 16 Nov 1994 20:00:13


Does anyone know of any programs that can run in batched mode
converting WMF Files to GIF or any other reasonable format (ppm).. ?
The program can run on DOS, OS/2, Windows, Linux or HPUX
whichever, as long as it can run in batched mode (convert many
images in a row)

I hope there is something like that out there...

have a few problems with my newsfeed. If I get results I will
check them out and post them here or mail them back to any interested

thanx so far



1. Looking for GIF<->WMF<->Pict, etc Filters and Converters

Looking for graphics Filters to use for Windows applications (some commercial).
Specifically for WMF, PICT, GIF, BMP, JPEG, etc. (including newer formats)
For use with VB3 and VB4.

Also looking at a good Graphics batch conversion program for Windows. Especially one
that will interlace a GIF properly when scaling.

Have been having bad luck with HiJaak for Win & Win95

I am working with clip art.

Any Info?

Glenn Venis

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