image generation

image generation

Post by Choong Huei Se » Wed, 02 May 1990 06:16:00

this summer. This will require me to generate irregular 3-D images. I
would much appreciate it if someone could provide me with information
of graphics systems that are capable of doing this, probably one which
could run on a workstation, mainframe, etc....

Choong Huei Seow
MIT AI Laboratory
545 Technology Square
Cambridge MA 02139


1. Tree and plant image generation

I am a final year student who has been writing a program (as part of my final
year project) to produce realistic images of trees. I posted some questions on
this newsgroup a few months ago, and would like to thank everyone who helped
me, because I have now finished the program, which runs on a PC.

The reason I am writing is that I have produced some trees and a plant and was
wondering if anyone would be interested in viewing them and giving their
opinions. I have not seen the output from many other programs, so I have not
really got anything to compare them to.

I have rendered images of a palm tree, a Christmas tree, a few branches, a
willow, a few leafy trees and a plant (like a potted plant with dense
folliage) called a 'tree of heaven'.  If anyone is interested in seeing them,
they are available for anon FTP at in the directory
pub/trees/drinkwater.  They are in JPEG format.  If you have problems
reading/getting them, write to me and I'll mail them to you.  If you receive
them, send them to anyone you want to, to get their comments too.

Before you ask, the code is not available for release just yet. I think it
will probably be made public in the summer sometime.

Thanks in advance,

Phil Drinkwater

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