Saw free 3D-models and textures on a new Side

Saw free 3D-models and textures on a new Side

Post by Frank » Sat, 07 Oct 2000 04:00:00

I saw a very pretty web page with many free 3D models for architecture
an technical visualisations. Here
you can get models in European style and not the most presented American
Has someone anyone ever seen the plugin witch is presented there and
called Metastream?
It seems to be a software, to present 3D models in Internet.
Look at: in folder Space.

Greetings Franky


1. Announcement: new website with FREE 3D models and texture maps

April 8, 1996


The Modern Medium Inc. World-Wide Website is now online. The address is

The site includes a feature called "Block of the Month" and "Texture of the Week" where we offer
free 3D models and bitmap texture files from our products "Blocks & Materials" and "Just Textures".
Information about this offer is online. The models are available in .DXF, .DWG, and .3DS in 2 different unit sizes; inch & millimeter.
The textures are available in full 24bit tiling .JPG format.

Also, many other samples and images to see.

The site uses enhanced pages, so is best used with a Netscape compatible browser, version 1.2 and above.
Since Modern Medium is a computer graphics company, the website utilizes the graphics capabilities of
the World-Wide Web. Many in-line graphics are used, so we suggest at least a 14,400 baud Internet connection.

Please give us a visit ! Thank You.

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