DLL to display picture files?

DLL to display picture files?

Post by Fernando Manuel Correia Marti » Sun, 05 Jun 1994 01:31:44

I need a DLL capable of displaying .PCX, .BMP, .TIF file
formats inside of a window. I want to store the file name
in an MS Access database and display the image by calling
the DLL when I needed to.

Does anyone know of such?

I know of a nice DLL to display pictures in help files.
I need something similar which allows me to make the
call and capable of handling other file format beyond .BMP.

Thanks for your attention.



1. DLL to display picture files?

I'd like to know if there exists a DLL with a function to
display picture files inside a program's client window.

The function would receive as parameters:

        - handle, window's handle pointer
        - left,
        - top,    upper left corner of the display area, relative to the window
        - width,
        - heigth, quite obvious
        - name,   picture file name

If you know of something like that, please post.



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